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Downhole Technology provides detailed procedures for drilling out Boss Hog plugs upon request. On-site instruction is also available.

When drilling out Boss Hog frac plugs, it is recommended to:

  • Communicate with the frac crew about any unusual conditions.
  • Calculate the volumes of tubing and casing annulus for timing of gel sweeps and returns. Well-designed gel sweeps can minimize need for short trips.
  • Use a drill bit or mill with 97% to 100% drift. Rock bits may produce smaller cuttings. Downhole Technology recommends 3% KCl with friction reducer for drill out.
  • Pump while tripping into hole.
  • Follow detailed procedures for tagging plugs and preventing motor stalls.
  • After last plug is drilled, sweep with enough volume to fill the lateral.
  • Increase circulation to avoid sticking because debris may gather at 70° to 80° inclination.