Ball Drop

ball drop

The plug of choice for multizone plug-n-perf. Once wireline is out of hole, a ball is dropped and pumped down to seat against the top of the plug. When the ball seats, the fluid hammer helps break down tight formations. Available in three ball densities.

Ball Check

ball check

Typically used in vertical applications where pumpdown is not required. Allows the operator to pressure test each plug.

Ball in Place

ball in place

Unique design allows the operator to pressure test each plug without the risk of guns not firing, which results in a tractor run. The ball can be flowed back to surface and another tool string pumped down. Reduces costly frac time and fluid by eliminating the need to pump a ball down.

Top Vent Bridge Plug

bridge plug

Allows the operator to test casing and plugs before perforating, or can be used as a cap plug. Holds pressure from below and above. The top venting feature allows for equalization when drilling before releasing top slips. Available in dual cast iron option or composite top slip.

Dummy Plug

dummy plug3

Used for pumping guns down when rate or pressure is an issue. The Heli-Seal doesn't cause the tool string to float when falling in the vertical. Can be pulled out at speeds of 250 ft/min. Can be sheared off with a setting tool and left downhole. Two configurations and is reusable by replacing only the Heli-Seal.

ECO Hybrid

eco hybrid 2

Retains all the performance features of the Boss Hog except for the HELISEAL. Has a slick profile for when the casing is under gauge or if sharp transitions in casing diameter are present. Pumpdown water savings are reduced, but the drill out times are comparable to the Boss Hog.



Used in areas that have already been fracked in order to recover any missed production. In combination with liner technology, offers customers a cost-effective method to seal off wells at the end of their life cycle and plug and perf on conventional wireline. Available with Boss Hog or ECO Hybrid plugs. Holds differential pressure up to 15,000 psi.


xtended range

Used when under gauge casing or a casing repair patch prevents the installation of conventional frac plugs. Pumps cleanly through restrictions an inch or more under casing ID and reliably holds frac differentials to 10,000 psi with drillout times less than 1 hour per plug. Advisers are available to help ensure problem-free drill outs.