Boss Hog frac plugs are modular in construction, which makes them easy to handle and less likely to lose components or set prematurely while running in.

Our unique composite top slip is constructed of one piece to avoid breakage and presets, and it features carbide- and ceramic-free, mild steel buttons that hold firm, prevent casing damage, and are easily drilled out.

Our HELISEAL fluid control system captures fluid while the plug is pumped down, enabling plugs to be run at speeds up to 600 ft/min while pumping at just 8 bbl/min, even in long lateral sections. Boss Hog plugs use 40% less water to deploy plugs and perforating guns than competitive plug designs.

Our one-piece lower slip, manufactured from a proprietary cast blend, holds more than 10,000 psi pressure, is segmented to make it easy and quick to drill out with minimal casing damage, and prevents presets.

The plug’s tapered nose makes it easy to maneuver past casing collars, around curves, and through doglegs in the well without the risk of piling up sand and debris in front of the plug.

The Boss Hog frac plug is easy to handle at the wellsite. Plugs are made up quickly using our specially-designed adapter kit, which is compatible with Owen, Baker and standard hydraulic setting tools. We provide running procedures to wireline operators for the Boss Hog plug’s high-speed deployment.