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Boss Hog plugs have a simple design, with fewer than half the parts used in competitive plugs, so they are easier to handle and less likely to lose components or set prematurely while running in. And because Boss Hog plugs are smaller than competitive plugs, they produce significantly less cuttings during drill out.

Downhole Technology's composite plugs represent a total reengineering of plug design and construction. Instead of making incremental improvements on legacy plug designs from the 1990s, Downhole Technology engineered Boss Hog plugs from the ground up to eliminate problems inherent with older-generation composite plugs, such as slow running speeds, excessive water use, premature setting, failure under pressure, and long drill out times. The Boss Hog plug's design eliminates the shortcomings of competitive plugs in all these areas to achieve the lowest total cost of operations.

  • Half the length and weight of competitive frac plugs
  • Easy to handle
  • Running speed doubled to 600+ ft/min
  • Drills out in half the time
  • Significantly smaller size and volume compared to typical frac plugs, which results in less debris during drillout
  • Composite material produces smaller cuttings