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In addition to providing high-quality frac plugs, Downhole Technology completions experts help operators optimize their plug-and-perf operations, often achieving dramatic improvements in efficiency and significant cost savings. Our staff, comprised of over 1,100 years of combined experience in oil and gas operations, goes above and beyond to assist and troubleshoot on location.

Downhole Technology provides documented procedures for running frac plugs at higher wireline speeds and lower pump down volumes, setting tool and charge selection, and faster plug removal with fewer wiper trips.

By following recommendations by Downhole Techology completions experts, operators have:  

  • Cut pumpdown time in half.
  • Reduced pump down fluid costs by more than 30% with fewer pumps on location.
  • Minimized potential damage to lower zones.
  • Reduced drillout times by 30%.
  • Achieved faster initial production.
  • Reduced overall completion costs by 10% or more.

Contact Downhole Technology today to find out how you can optimize your plug-n-perf operations to achieve similar results.